Art by Adrian Watkins


Dragon Horizon

  • Referencing NASA imagery taken from the International Space Station, the docked dragon capsule is depicted before a setting sun over earths horizon
  • Graphite, Pastel, Gold Leaf, Acrylic on Arches
  • 51cm(W) x 24cm(H)


Mission Specialist

  • Referencing archival images from NASA's 2008 shuttle mission the work depicts a sole astronaut hanging off the International Space Station against the blue glow of the earth and the vast emptiness of space, exposing the fragility of human existence in the universe
  • Graphite, Pastel, Gold Leaf, Palladium Leaf, Acrylic on Arches
  • 70cm(W) x 47cm(H)



  • Referencing Nasa archival images from Expedition 32, an astronaut is depicted performing maintenance work on the International Space Station against the vast blackness of space
  • Graphite, Pastel, Gold Leaf
  • 20cm(W) x 39cm(H)


Enceledus ( W.I.P)

  • The contrasting geology of Saturns moon, Enceledus
  • Work in Progress

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